German Society of
Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Guidelines for Diagnostics and Therapy

The guidelines of the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF) represent the Society’s position and fall between non-binding recommendations and obligatory policies.  

The Guidelines focus on patient symptoms and offer direction for and management of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The algorithms advance from the symptom via diagnostic procedures to the appropriate diagnosis.

Published by the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF)*, the Guidelines reflect state-of-the-art medical knowledge at the time of publication; they are constantly updated and adapted as new knowledge becomes available.

Guidelines for diagnostics and therapy in Otorhinolaryngology

* The Association of Scientific Medical Societies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften, AWMF) of Germany advises on matters and topics of fundamental and interdisciplinary interest in medicine; it develops recommendations and resolutions in the area of research strategies, education, and postgraduate training and promotes them at appropriate institutions. In addition to the increasingly urgent task of internal cooperation between professional medical societies, AWMF proactively communicates the interests of the medical sciences to the general public. AWMF advises the government of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the governments of the German federal countries ("Bundesländer") on all facets of medicine, medical research and classification.